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  • Atlas Eats

    Atlas Eats #15 - Potluck Dishes

    To kick off this Memorial Day weekend, we decided to shoot an Atlas Eats episode centered around potlucks! Whether you're working this weekend or not, you may need to bring some sort of dish to your unit, a cookout, or any other summer gathering. We've come up with a list of easy-to-make recipes for you to make for a potluck event while on assignment. Enjoy!

    Amber Salcedo Bio Page: http://www.jiaoxiang23.icu/atlas-team/amber-salcedo/

    Lester Leiviska Bio Page: http://www.jiaoxiang23.icu/atlas-team/lester-leiviska/

    Kristie Gilbert Bio Page: http://www.jiaoxiang23.icu/atlas-team/kristie-gilbert/

    Jackie Ryder Bio Page: http://www.jiaoxiang23.icu/atlas-team/jackie-ryder/

    Hannah Bryant Bio Page: http://www.jiaoxiang23.icu/atlas-team/hannah-bryant/

    Lexie Wertz Bio Page: http://www.jiaoxiang23.icu/atlas-team/lexie-wertz/

    Lindsey Martin Bio Page: http://www.jiaoxiang23.icu/atlas-team/lindsey-martin/