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    Coronavirus | An Atlas Update - Atlas All Access 110

    We know there are a lot of questions and concerns about the coronavirus, especially since we are in the healthcare industry.

    Here's a quick Atlas update.

    "For the very first thing, we want you to know that you're taken care of. Atlas cares about you. We care about our hospitals. You're not alone. This is a team." -- Steve Ryan

    "Stay calm. Stay safe. Communicate with us. We'll be here for you." -- Rich Smith

    Get to know our owners:

    Rich http://www.jiaoxiang23.icu/atlas-team/rich-smith/

    Steve http://www.jiaoxiang23.icu/atlas-team/steve-ryan/

    Your agency has your back. We are here for you.

    Rich Smith: A little bit different on this episode of Atlas All Access today. We just met as a leadership team here at Atlas, and it was important for us to communicate back to all of you how we are dealing with the coronavirus and COVID-19.

    Steve Ryan: Okay, well to get started, I know everyone's hearing news from all different sources, they're watching the TV, they're watching all the experts and everything, and we are not experts on the coronavirus.

    Rich Smith: No.

    Steve Ryan: What we are, are people trying to figure it out just like you are. We met as a team, we have some really smart people at our company, we took their lead, so just wanted to share a few items that we came up with today to make sure you understood where Atlas was in the whole scenario and what we're trying to do for both our internal people, our hospitals, and our travelers that are out there. To start with our travelers that are currently on assignment, if they say you're sick, or say that they're going to quarantine you for two weeks, I just want you to know that the agency will cover those two weeks full pay, stipends, hourly, we're going to cover that for you because we want you to be safe. We want to make sure that you don't have the virus, or if you do have the virus that you're not financially impacted in that situation.

    Steve Ryan: With our hospitals, these have been great partners for us for many, many years, we do ask that the travelers don't chase that crazy dollar amount they're seeing at all these other hospitals that are impacted heavily with the virus. The virus is going to come, it's going to come to your area, the rates are going to go up. As those rates go up, we'll make sure that you're compensated to match that, but we just ask you to really take care of the hospitals that you're at, that you take all the information they give you about washing your hands and following the right procedures and take that to heart.

    Steve Ryan: If you have upcoming trips, we ask that you really think about those trips, and see what the impact is, by you going to a location that you shouldn't go to that's maybe heavily infected, realize you could be bringing that back to both the hospital and people you work with everyday. Be smart, use your head, know that your company has your back, know that if you have any kind of issues that you need to communicate those back to the agency as fast as you can. We may not have the answer for you right away, but we'll meet as a group. We're going to meet as often as possible to make sure that we're very upfront. This thing changes quickly and we're going to be there for you.

    Rich Smith: More so than ever, your recruiter is your lifeline back to us, and your career as a traveling healthcare professional, and that recruiter has direct line to all of us here, the leadership team. In fact, in a lot of cases they're involved with that decision making with us too. They're telling us what's happening on the front lines, so communicate, communicate, communicate. You cannot communicate enough. This thing should be in everyone's pocket all the time. Right? I know it's with me, it is with our recruiters as well. Communicate with your recruiter, let them know what's happening. Like Steve said, if you get quarantined, we'll get you taken care of for two weeks. Right? That's what it looks like is happening right now.

    Steve Ryan: We're working with the insurance providers to see if you are sick for an extended period of time to see what that looks like. Of course, we're waiting to hear back from them, they're still trying to figure it out as well. But for the very first thing is, we want you to know you're taking care of, Atlas cares about you, care about our hospital. You're not alone. This is a team.

    Rich Smith: Absolutely. Stay calm, stay safe, communicate with us. We'll be here for you.

    Steve Ryan: Thank you.